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As we only take one booking per day, our photographic style is both relaxed and friendly with a touch of fun for good measure, capturing the true happiness of your Wedding Day with minimal intrusion.

Our aim is to provide you with a substantial photographic record of your day, that is affordable, modern, and you actually own.
We do this by providing you with all your wedding pictures on CD-ROMs.

Depending upon the coverage you choose we will take up to several hundred images. Later the J-PEG images will be transferred on to CD-ROMs and will be available for you immediately on return from your honeymoon.

Many photographers now offer preview DVD's of your wedding pictures, this then allows you to view them on your PC or Television. Usually these disks allow you only to view the images, they are not the J-peg files and you cannot print from them.

A traditional photographer will always remain in control of your pictures, albums, and any future requirements.
We have broken away from this tradition,

We believe that giving you all your
images on CD-ROM is the future
of Wedding Photography

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