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Wedding photography in a new and modern way

Share your wedding day in style by having professional wedding photos

We will provide you with far more pictures of your wedding day than you are likely to find elsewhere at a very affordable price. Supplied not on a viewing DVD that you cannot print but on CD-ROM for full resolution pictures that you can view, print, e-mail, copy, place in a choice of albums, and also enjoy forever on your home PC with no future restrictions. You own all the pictures taken on your wedding day .

" We believe this is the future of wedding photography."

Prices starting from as little as £600

Extra wedding photography can be undertaken  at Himley Hall.

West midlands area, Dudley, Sedgley, Netherton, Halesowen, Stourbridge
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Wedding photography, Wedding reportage and Natural wedding photography are all available at Ian Martin Digital. We specialise in High quality images of your wedding day, collated and produced onto high quality CD-ROM. Once you recieve your CD-ROM with your images on you may make as many copies as you like. Printing, editing and e-mailing to your friends and familly are easy. We do not impose any copyright restrictions on our images taken unlike many other photographers. We offer a quality professional photography service, with us your big wedding day is in good hands. We can help you decide on an attrative range of photo albums for your pictures to be stored and displayed in. We can also arrange to have your images professionally printed for you.
Ian Martin Affordable Wedding Photography in the west midlands